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Fit-out and Refurbishment

We have the expertise to deliver the solution

Laboratory fit-out and refurbishment raises specific challenges and often means works must take place in a controlled environment. With our experience of laboratory planning and delivering projects within the science, healthcare and technology markets, Bulb Laboratories bring together a team of experienced specialists to provide a ‘turnkey’ solution for the design and installation of your new laboratory facilities. We develop a compliant fit-out or refurbishment package to suit your needs and budget and can provide advice and guidance throughout the project.

Whether you have specific health and safety considerations, require safe, secure storage for chemicals & biohazardous materials or need to develop a clean room design, we have the expertise to deliver the solution.

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Cost Control

We always strive to complete projects on time & on budget

We endeavour to ensure that the client is involved in the whole process from design & layout to material selection and choosing colour schemes. We value engineer every project, so you get the best value, and use strict cost control, so you never receive unexpected surprises. We work with architects, site & project managers and subcontractors to co-ordinate activities and ensure a smooth project development and installation. Acting as a single point of contact saves you time and effort.

Open and structured communication with key stakeholders is the heartbeat of every successful project. We will continually update you during the fabrication and installation stages, ensuring you are kept abreast of our progress, costs and expected date of completion.

The Team is experienced in complex laboratory fit-out and is flexible enough to meet any variations that can occur during a project. We have a scientific specialist on the team with hands-on laboratory experience, so we understand the complex systems, workflows and technical terminologies.

We always strive to deliver projects on time, on budget and in the most professional manner. We are proud of the level of our repeat business and high-quality long-standing relationships with clients.

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Relocation and Aftercare

Guaranteed support, throughout every step of your journey

Bulb support you fully through every aspect of the project, from the conceptual stage, the project delivery phase through to completion and into the future.

A key element of a successful laboratory construction project is the programming of the equipment, de-commissioning and relocation process. The careful planning of the re-siting of equipment with the necessary connections and supplies will minimise any staff downtime at the existing or new laboratory facilities.

A number of our specialist laboratory suppliers will support the client with ongoing maintenance support and our projects team are on hand to offer any additional services required post completion. It is our personal approach, exemplary service and commitment to you that achieves our success and longevity in client relationships.

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Laboratory benching forms a central part of any laboratory and procuring the laboratory benching to suit your equipment needs and budget is important to us.

If you prefer fixed, robust benching or modular benching that offers flexibility and reconfiguration, our laboratory furniture manufacturers can deliver the perfect solution.

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Depending on your research focus your worktop design requirements might change to allow:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Bacterial resistance
  • Water & moisture resistance
  • Durability & scratch resistance
  • Ease of cleaning
  • High impact

Trespa Toplab Base is the industry favourite, but we can offer alternative worktops such as Corian, Stainless Steel, Epoxy Resin, Hardwood, Phenolic Resin to match your needs.

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We offer both wall mounted and benchtop shelving for reagents, typically in either 18mm MFMDF or 16mm Trespa Toplab Base. Wall shelving is mounted on a bracket system, while benchtop shelving is typically supported by fabricated steel frame.

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Fume Cupboards & Extract

Properly ventilated Fume Cupboards offer a safe way to handle chemicals and solvents in laboratories.

From ducted to portable ductless Fume Cupboards, our specialist and experienced partners are at hand to advise and install the right solution.

We provide Fume Cupboards manufactured and installed to meet the industry requirements (e.g. BS EN 14175) in various sizes (External Width 1000mm - 1200mm - 1500mm - 1800mm - 2000mm), Specifications and types (Bench Mounted, Walk In, Double Fronted, Integral Scrubber, HF Type, Thin Wall Bench Mounted) to meet your requirements and safe extraction.

Unsure of what type to go for? Our lab furniture suppliers can help, just get in touch.

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Safety Cabinets

If you prefer fixed, robust benching or modular benching that offers flexibility and reconfiguration, our laboratory furniture manufacturers can deliver the perfect solution.

Whether you need Class I, II or III to handle Hazard Group 1 to 4 pathogens we can recommend suitable furniture suppliers.

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Specialist & Other Requirements

If you have any specific needs such as Cold Room or Clean Room installation services, Industrial Gases, Liquid Nitrogen, Non-ionising Radiation (LASER), Plumbing, Temperature & Humidity Control or other, we can help.

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