Laboratory Design & Engineering

Define Client Needs

The briefing stage of each lab design project allows us to determine your own unique requirements and business objectives; the departmental relationships, the level of customer experience and any other factors which may influence the design of your space. Laboratory design plays a fundamental and critical part of ensuring laboratories are safe places to work. Careful consideration is given to the function of the laboratory, hazard identification and mitigation laboratory equipment needs, the use of bespoke technology, and the degree of flexibility required for future growth or process change.

Workplace Consultancy

Our workplace consultancy begins with getting to know your business. We conduct research through interviews with key employees, carry out occupational studies, examine the visitor experience and determine the projects' key objectives. We investigate future plans for expansion, the current level of usage of workplace and meeting rooms, departmental interactions, the importance of teamwork, the flow of personal communication and the need for collaboration and relaxation areas. We will help you decide on the ideal lab furniture for your work environment.

The typical modern laboratory design has changed dramatically in recent years. Balancing the demand for new working practices, staff retention, the right company image whilst achieving value for money and a modern design requires a structured consultancy process.

Many factors can impact on identifying the right solutions, even the choice of building. Each project requires a bespoke solution whereby the right building is chosen, the laboratory design improves business performance and being right first time avoids post project delays in being fully operational on day one.

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Building Appraisals

Most laboratory users will have more specific business needs. Our aim is to help any business identify the most affordable property solution that genuinely satisfies those needs. With a weighting given to business priorities, buildings can be assessed in terms of both space efficiency and technical capability. Additional considerations for laboratory design and construction include thermal comfort, specialist HVAC systems, increased floor loadings, enhanced power supplies, complex drainage systems and generous floor to ceiling heights. The advent of flexible and often exposed building services has forever changed the design of the modern laboratory.

The search for a suitable location against tight deadlines will become far more productive given a workplace assessment and more targeted appraisal of suitable options.

Laboratory Workflow

Utilising our scientific experience and construction knowledge we are keen to understand and help develop the most effective process & optimum workflow that would maximise the efficiency of your new laboratory facilities. All laboratories are different with very special needs. Without a clear understanding of user needs, material flow and process; laboratory safety and efficiency can be compromised. Health & Safety and specialist laboratory consultants are available to assist with the independent validation of analytical methods, processes and equipment & to ensure all aspects of regulatory compliance are achieved.

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