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Oxford Quantum Circuits

Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) are creating the core of the quantum revolution to solve some of humanity’s most significant challenges, from climate change to new drug discoveries. Founded in 2017, OQC has built the UK’s most advanced superconducting quantum computer in the UK, the only one commercially available in the country.

The Project

Our Task: Design and fit-out the space that includes a R&D laboratory with a cleanroom.
Location: Thames Valley Science Park, Reading

Project Duration

Duration: 7 weeks


Skills & Results

The quantum revolution has the potential to reshape our world: from enabling life-changing drug discoveries to developing new battery technologies. OQC has built the UK’s most advanced quantum computer, the only one commercially available in the country.

To support this goal, we created an ISO7 clean room with a ducted fume cupboard, a controlled area for several cryostat rigs, including power and data supplies with control units and cooling pumps. A bespoke compressor plant solution designed and delivered with chilled water distribution systems to service cryostats and to keep the quantum computers functioning without fail.

The client was extremely delighted with the final result.


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