Continuum Life Sciences

Continuum Life Sciences are committed to finding a cure for cancer. The company was borne out of the founder’s personal experience of surviving numerous battles against multiple malignant cancers, they have established a unique cohort of over 750 long-term cancer survivors who want to assist in their research.

Their innovative approach to cancer research is focussed on identifying and understanding what it is that makes some people able to survive cancer and remain cancer free. It is built on the belief that immunotherapy, which harnesses our immune system to stop cancer, is the key to the future of cancer care. Immunotherapy is already saving lives and they want to ensure it saves millions more and transforms the treatment of cancer.

Over the last three years, they have funded ground-breaking studies in six of the UK’s leading universities which have already resulted in startling discoveries. Moving into the new laboratory space at Abingdon Science Park will allow them to continue this exciting research.

The Project

Our Task: To assist Kadans Science Partner in designing and delivering a bespoke facility for their tenant Continuum Life Sciences. To create a containment level 2 laboratory space with patient consultation and waiting area on the ground floor, and offices on the first floor of a standalone building.
Location: Monarch House, Abingdon Science Park, Oxfordshire

Size & Duration

Size: 10,000 sq. ft.
Duration: 13 weeks


Skills & Results

Continuum wanted to move from their existing incubator lab space to an independent facility comprised of bespoke research labs, patient sample collection area, modern offices, and meeting rooms.

The ground floor was designed to include cellular labs for various functions such as protein biochemistry, molecular biology, and flow cytometry. Services included provision of a ducted fume cupboard, customised cold room with plumbing, external gas storage and gas distribution, liquid nitrogen and freezer storage room, as well as glass wash area.

The patient consultation area was segregated from the research labs to contain a sample collection room, meeting room and an accessible toilet at the front of the building.

On the first floor, a mix of individual and open plan offices, meeting rooms and collaboration areas were created together with a kitchen/breakout space.


Bulb Laboratories
Delta Green

Fume Cupboard in CL2 Laboratory for Continuum Life Sciences

Project Gallery


Photo Credit: Gary Mills, Saw Mill Films

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