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At Bulb Laboratories, we deliver bespoke lab spaces for your scientific needs. We have so far delivered such labs for a variety of scientific disciplines, from stem cell research to gene therapy, food research to quantum computing.

In more recent times, there has been a newfound buzz for scientific research. With this, there has been a high demand for laboratory spaces. Through our work, we have seen a considerable increase in the demand for lab incubators – spaces where a multitude of scientific work can occur, at any given time. As funding has increased, there has been a surge in the number of startup companies, in need of new homes. Lab incubator spaces provide the ideal environment.

Unsure of what is available in a typical life sciences incubator? Although, a few services are vital for a successful incubator operation, some could be optional. Based on our experience, we have listed them below as per their importance.


  • Glass washing facilities (e.g., dish washer, autoclave, drying oven, purified water & ice machine)
  • Liquid nitrogen store
  • Piped gases (e.g., CO₂, N₂, O₂ or compressed air)
  • Waste management
  • Electrical supply (3-phase)
  • Cold room (4°C)
  • Freezer room
  • Ducted fume cupboard provision
  • Dry ice storage
  • Emergency showers, if required for specific work
  • Dark room (for microscopy)
  • Shared consumables store
  • Cell culture & microbiology facilities
  • Lab coat laundering


  • General consumables (eg. glassware, plasticware, lab coats & waste bags)
  • Biosafety cabinets & recirculating fume cupboards
  • Chemicals and other consumables (eg. ethanol, cell culture media, acids & bases etc.)

If you are looking to create a laboratory facility, we can help.

Not all spaces are lab-ready, but at Bulb, we use our scientific expertise to ensure that all lab space conversions are carried out with science at the core.

It is an exciting time to work in the field, no matter the contribution. We believe this momentum will remain and continue to help shape the scientists of tomorrow.

Lorraine Ocloo
Laboratory Specialist

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