5 Top Tips for Planning Your New Lab

lab planning

If you are planning a new laboratory or refurbishing an existing one, here are 5 key areas that we would recommend you think about for lab planning:

1. Future-proof

Think not only about your current research needs but also future needs. What is your research direction? What are your growth plans? What kind of business image do you need to portray?

2. Regulatory compliance

Do you need any regulatory approval and/or understand your lab classification? A review of your current and future needs would help plan for any upcoming usage changes and achieve a safe, compliant facility.

3. Equipment

Equipment will greatly impact your lab design, project costs and building suitability. A thorough audit of your equipment needs (current & future), including dimensions and services required will be critical.

4. Users

Users spend the majority of their time in labs and understand their processes better than anyone. It would be prudent to have their input and early engagement for a thriving, successful facility in a very competitive environment for attracting the best talent.

5. Building

All of the above analysis will lead to choosing the right building. A building which cannot accommodate all your evolving needs could cause delays to your growth with costly implications.

Dr Manisha Kulkarni
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